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There is more happiness in giving than in receiving

At Live Quran Learner, our mission is to make the invaluable wisdom of the Quran accessible to all. We believe education is a powerful tool to transform lives and nurture souls. However, providing these courses requires resources and dedication. Your support matters! By donating today, you become an essential part of our effort to continue offering these transformative courses to people worldwide. Regardless of size, every contribution significantly impacts and helps us sustain our mission of spreading knowledge and understanding of the Quran. Your generosity enables us to enhance and expand our course offerings, reach out to more learners, and invest in innovative educational technologies. We can create a global community of informed individuals, fostering unity and compassion among people from diverse backgrounds. With your help, we can inspire countless hearts and minds, creating a ripple effect of positive change in our communities. Your donation directly empowers lives and souls and fosters a deeper connection with the divine.


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Join us in this noble endeavour by donating today. Together, we can illuminate minds with the teachings of the Quran and create a brighter, more enlightened world for generations to come.