Hadith Curriculum


Hadith Curriculum

Welcome to our online Hadith Curriculum Course, designed especially for our busy Muslim brothers and sisters who may not have the opportunity to attend an Islamic madrassa for in-depth learning about Hadith and its science. Our comprehensive online Hadith course covers a range of topics, starting with an introduction to Hadith and the history of its compilation. Students will delve into the science of Hadith, understanding its terminology and methodology of criticism. Moreover, the course delves into the practical application of Hadith in Islamic law and moral guidance. By enrolling in this course, you can gain a profound understanding of Hadith at your own pace and convenience.

What is Hadith?

Narrations of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) hold utmost importance in Islam; they are essential for a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Quran. Our online Hadith Curriculum caters to kids and adults, fostering a deep connection with Allah SWT and offering a profound exploration of Islam’s teachings. Hadith encompasses the collection of sayings, actions, and habits of the Prophet Muhammad. This rich source of religious law and moral guidance is highly revered by Muslims worldwide.  Our course offers valuable insights and teachings to enrich spiritual understanding and practice.

Role of Hadith in Islam?

In Islam, the Hadith plays a crucial role in understanding and interpreting the Quran. It serves as an explanation of the message delivered by the Prophet himself. Additionally, Hadith complements the Quran by providing an extensive source for Islamic law, making it the second most significant authority in Islam after the Quran. Understanding the Quran deeply relies on the context of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life and how he demonstrated and applied its teachings. As the second primary source for Islamic law, Hadith contains actions, utterances, qualities, and even the Prophet’s deliberate silence. It helps clarify many of the Quran’s commandments that may be unclear. Furthermore, the Hadith provides intricate details on how to live our daily lives by the teachings of Islam, serving as guidance until the Day of Judgment.  We owe the preservation of these records to the Prophet’s companions, and as a tribute to that, our website offers online Hadith courses. These courses are designed for anyone seeking to understand and implement the true essence of Islam into their lives. Join us now and embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment and guidance.

Prerequisites for Hadith Course by Live Quran.

Certain prerequisites should be fulfilled before embarking on our online Hadith learning course. These include:

Basic Understanding of Islam: It’s essential to have a foundational understanding of Islam, its beliefs, practices, and principles before delving into Hadith.  Familiarity with the Quran: Since Hadith often elucidate Quranic verses, having a basic grasp of the Quran is crucial before studying Hadith. This facilitates a deeper appreciation of the interconnection between these two sources of Islamic knowledge. Strong Commitment to Learning: Successful online Hadith learning requires a dedicated commitment to study, self-discipline, and the willingness to invest significant time and effort into the course. Enrol in our online Hadith course today to start this rewarding journey of learning.