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Are you struggling to start your Tajweed learning journey? Or do you also dream of reciting the Holy Quran with confidence and hidden melody?

In both cases, you will be happy to hear that there are multiple ways to learn tajweed as a beginner. The journey comes with a lot of hard work and patience, and trust me it is all worth the effort. Tajweed is a beautiful part of the Holy Quran, and learning it empowers you with the skill and ability to recite the Holy Quran in a beautiful melody. 

However, learning or having an interest in learning Tajweed is the first hurdle to cross, later on, whatever the obstacle it is, you can clear it with your will, hard work, and consistent effort. If you are dealing with a language barrier, you can get access to Quran Tajweed English Translation to overcome this challenge and embark on the journey that leads you to proper Quran recitation. 

Tajweed learning is a transformative experience, and there are different ways to work on this process. The three basic types of tajweed learning are 

  • Self-learning
  • Professional Learning 
  • Resource learning

To get a better understanding of each one of them, here is guide for you


Self-learning is a phase of independent learning where you gather yourself to take this challenge and help yourself with self-learning ideas. Some of the independent learning types that you can include are

  • Tajweed Books

Tajweed books are written in a detailed version of how to read and recite the Holy Quran. They consist of all the rules and regulations, and you can learn them one by one to keep going with your tajweed learning journey. The best thing about Tajweed books is their presence, every time you need help you can open them and correct yourself to keep up with the flow. They come in multiple languages, and if you need the Quran Tajweed English Translation, you can source it in the form of a book to overcome the language barrier.

  • Online Websites or Apps

Online websites or Tajweed learning apps are the most flexible version of self-learning. You can download them on your phone or can carry them anywhere to never miss your lessons. Also, in this digitally connected era, online websites give you access to tajweed learning no matter where you are, or how occupied you are with other matters. You can use them to maintain the flow and learn tajweed without any distractions.

Professional Learning 

Professional learning also known as structural learning is an authentic way to learn Tajweed. As a beginner, it helps you overcome the challenges and learn under the supervision of experts. Professional learning includes the following options

  • Hiring a tutor

Hiring a tajweed teacher, or joining a professional body to learn from experts is the best way to perfect yourself in tajweed. They identify your mistakes and guide you to correct them for proper learning.  

  • Tajweed Course

The other way to become a part of structured learning is to become a part of online and offline tajweed courses. The best thing about these courses is a cloud-based study, where a pool of professionals helps you with knowledge building, systematic concept building, and skill development. 

Resource Learning

It is a supportive version of tajweed learning where you immerse yourself in a beautiful recitation state of affairs. Some of the available options that you can incorporate for resource learning are

  • Recitation Videos

The recitation videos give you a clear understanding of the pronunciation, gaps, and stops. You can use them as an additional source of learning to improve your tajweed and correct your mistakes. It is a simple way to train your ears to proper pronunciation and recognize the articulation of multiple words. For this purpose, YouTube videos or special course videos are the most suitable options. 

  • Tajweed Learning Groups

The Tajweed learning groups are a productive and motivating learning source. They help you get assistance and utilize it in your learning to earn success. It is a progressive learning approach with optimal results. It allows you to learn with people of the same intellect to find common solutions for common problems. The best thing about this learning process is the productive results, it gives you the confidence to correct your mistakes and beautify your Quran melody.

So, what else do you need?


Learning Tajweed is a tough decision, and it comes with a lot of challenges. However, it is a food of thought that for every problem, there is a solution to be found, and this is what happens when you decide to learn tajweed. There are multiple ways to increase your Tajweed proficiency, while the three highlighted versions are structural learning, self-learning, and seeking help from resources. All of them help you get closer to your target. However, if you are looking for Quran Tajweed English Translation, the best platform to contact is Livequranlearner. You can ping them to find your translation partner on the go.

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